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 Original Character Description- Victoria Anne McCall

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Allison Argent
Allison Argent

Age : 23

Original Character Description- Victoria Anne McCall Empty
PostSubject: Original Character Description- Victoria Anne McCall   Original Character Description- Victoria Anne McCall EmptySat Feb 15, 2014 3:27 am

Character Name: Victoria Anne McCall (can be called Vicky or Vicky Anne)

Characters Age: 18

Face Claim: Jennifer Lawrence

Original Character Back Story: Victoria McCall was kidnapped on her fourth birthday by the Alpha Werewolf Ennis, who needed a new Beta for his Pack. Realizing she might not be able to withstand the bite at her current age, he waited for 8 years to turn her, and he did. She became a Beta, not showing any signs of the bite rejecting her. At that point in time, Victoria hated Ennis and everyone else; even herself for what she turned into every Full Moon. She eventually fell out of that stage, and became a reliable member of Ennis' Pack. She was the strongest out of the Betas Ennis had assembled and treated her like royalty. But, that ended when Deucalion came and convinced Ennis to slaughter his Pack. He gave in, and slaughtered them one by one. Victoria ended up being the last one he had to defeat, and he did. Victoria, clinging to life by a thread, was saved by a woman who was a Druid. The druid woman nursed Victoria back to health. A few years went by, and with each day passing, Victoria got surprisingly stronger. She asked the druid woman what was happening to her, and the woman told her that she was a True Alpha - A rare werewolf who could gain power without killing anyone. Victoria, becoming determined with her new Power, tracked Ennis and the Alpha Pack down, wanting to kill them, had to go back to where her new life all began - Beacon Hills California. After finding Scott and his new friends, she helped them with dealing with the Alpha Pack, but she ended up actually betraying them by helping Jennifer, who was the Darach that sacrificed people in order to kill the werewolves. Now, she blames herself for everything that Jennifer has done and is afraid to face her cousin, along with the others.

Original Character Description- Victoria Anne McCall Tumblr_static_tumblr_mph71js1081qi6eepo3_500
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Original Character Description- Victoria Anne McCall
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