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Welcome To Our Teen Wolf RP Site!
Guests- Please Read Through The List Of Available Characters, The Plot & The Rules Before Registering & Applying For A Character.
After Registering Please Send Your Character Application In A PM To The Admin (Allison) For Approval.
Warm Welcome To Our Newest Member, Lydia Martin!
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 Site Rules

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Allison Argent
Allison Argent

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Site Rules                                                                                   Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules    Site Rules                                                                                   EmptyTue Jan 01, 2013 9:08 pm

1) Please Be Active - All participants in this forum must be active members. If you have a reason why you can not be active for a length of time, please pm the admin & explain why you have to leave & if/when you will return. If you are gone for an extended amount of time without reasoning I will be forced to delete you from the forum and re-open your character. (5 consecutive days of not logging in is where I am setting this limit.)

2) Mature RP is Allowed - This kind of role playing is allowed as long as it stays mature and doesn't get too out of hand. Smut(sex), drug use, alcohol, ect. is allowed, but please keep it mature. (If a smut thread is started please include {R-Rated} in your title for the thread, it lets other Rpers and any viewers be forewarned)

3) One Character Per Person Please - I'd like to be able to have different people playing each character so that it doesn't get confusing, plus there are not many characters to go on as of right now. We do accept original characters.(more info on that in the Plot thread). Exception- If a RPer on this site wants to be a character from the show as well as an original character that is acceptable.

4) You Have To Send In An Application Before Commencing Your Role Playing- The Admin must read & approve your application for your character before you start role playing. Don't change your name on the site until you have been approved for your character.

5) 3 Line Post Minimum - Please don't post one line posts. (When you first start role play you may post what you feel you can, as time goes on & you get used to your character/role playing/the site etc. please start to post more lines) It doesn't give your partner(s) much to work with & it doesn't make for a very interesting read. If you can't think of anything to say, try to go into detail & describe the situation your character is in, their feelings, ect.

6) Threads Containing More Then Two RPers - If in a thread there are more than two role players at a time please set a posting order and make sure to stick by it or else the thread will get confusing.

7) No God Modding - This is when someone "plays" a character that is not their own.(making another persons character perform actions in your own reply) If you do this you will receive a warning PM and if you continue to do it you will be removed fromm the site and your character will be re-opened.

Message The Admin When You Have A Finished Thread - Let the admin know when you have finished a thread (in the cbox, PM) so they can put it in the trash. It gets filled up quickly & makes it difficult to find other threads.
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Site Rules
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